Update 3/18/2020

Dear KASL Membership,

Based on information provided to us; KASL (along with most other youth soccer clubs in Wisconsin) will not start games till after April 30th. 

Currently no practices or activities can occur.  If things change prior to April 30th KASL will inform it’s membership when practices can resume.

KASL does have many options it is floating around with the extended delay and currently we will still have a complete spring season. This may include shortened games, doubleheaders, etc.  

New coaches meeting has been postponed until we send a new date and time.

KASL's goal is to have the season completed as in the same time frame as school with the following weekend as makeups. This could change as time goes on but it is part of today's plan. 

The KASL office is also currently closed.  All communication should go through email.  When the office reopens, we will add additional days to alleviate the missed opportunities for uniform pickup, checks (please mail) cash payment (please get a cashier check and mail) etc. 

Again, we wish you and your family the best during this time.





Dear KASL membership,

With everything going on, we felt this is a good time to update everyone on our plan.

Organizational guidelines we will be following:

  1. WYSA, U.S. Soccer Federation, and U.S. Youth Soccer
  2. City of Kenosha and the Parks Department
  3. KUSD


  1. The KASL office will be open during this time: however, we ask that you send as much as you can through email.  
  2. New uniform pickup will currently start after KUSD reopens and during office hours.
  3. No activities (practice, Carthage camps, Carthage free Friday's, etc.) shall take place until KUSD is back in session and no additional guidelines have been put in place by the organizations above.
  4. KASL is still looking to start on April 18th. 
  5. If KUSD or any of the above organization above continue the ban through April 9th.  KASL will not be starting on Apri 18th.
  6. KASL will not be posting the schedules until KUSD is in session and all above organizations feel it safe.

KASL will begin as fast, yet as safely as possible.  Guidelines set by the organizations above will also determine our season structure (such as distance between field, game lengths, clearing the 9am games before the 10am game start, concessions, etc.).  This will require us to make decisions based of the best guidelines provided to us at that time.  Please remember if at anytime the guidelines change, we will also need to adapt.

It is our goal to bring back some normal enjoyment for our kids during this time of crisis.